Guard filmed in viral assault video suspended

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The Private Security Regulatory Authority has directed that a security guard seen in a viral video assaulting a woman who was filming him at an apartment block in Kilimani be suspended and the case reported to the police.

The guard, an employee of KK Security is first heard warning the woman against filming him before hitting her.

In a statement, the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer Fazul Mahamed cautioned security guards that such acts are a breach of public safety and their code of conduct.

Mahamed called on respective security firms to emphasise on rigorous training especially in customer service, effective communication skills, dispute resolution and conflict management.

“Members of the public, especially consumers of private security services, have the right under Section 55 of the Act to register complaints against a private security provider to the Authority on any misconduct, unprofessionalism, breach of the Act or Code of Conduct. We highly regret the incident at Lobelia Court.”

To help avert such incidents in future, he says the authority is at an advanced stage of developing a private security officer training curriculum.

“The Private Security Officer Training curriculum by the Authority is soon to be launched and is expected to standardise training for all private security officers and address such incidents and other outstanding issues in service provision.

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