Media ethics´ Trailblazer, Ezekiel Mutua publicly bans popular ´Takataka´ song terming it of obscene content

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KFCB CEO, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua now bans 4-month old viral, ´Takataka´ song of its derogatory remarks to the female gender.


During a press conference held at the Board offices in Nairobi on Tuesday, Dr Ezekiel Mutua addresses:

” The song ´Takataka´ is characterized by crude language that objectifies women and glorifies hurting them as normal reaction to rejection of overtures by men”.

On his Twitter page, Dr Ezekiel Mutua reveals that the viral anthem ´Takataka´ was unfortunately not submitted to the KFCB for examination and classification.

It therefore contravenes Section 12 (2) of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 2222.

Be Warned!

The firm media ethics´ disciplinarian adds that:

Broadcasting, exhibition, distribution [including online] or possession of the song ´Takataka´ by Alvin aka Alvindo is a criminal offense.

Additionally, he has forewarned that the viral song ought NOT be performed live or broadcast anywhere within the Kenyan boundaries.

No DJ should play the song either on broadcast station or in entertainment joints.

According to the learned KFCB boss, the lyrics in the song are primitive, abuse our sensibilities and should therefore not be a call for celebration by anyone whosoever.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua further adds:

This song and such other obscene content should be rejected by members of a self-respecting society.

The well conversant stickler in the field of media believes that such examples of music content might be the catalyzers to the recent crude spousal deaths.

In the song, the rapper strongly condemns his ´ex-lover´ to death indicating he would actually attend her funeral, just to please his emotions.

According to Dr E. Mutua, these artistes are out to make nothing but money.

The ethics and impact the content has to society is not a priority to artists of today:

Some of the artistes sing such music to sound controversial and gain following upon which they make money.


´Takataka´ is a song by Alvin alias Alvindo, its producer being the FastCash Music Group.

The song has garnered well over 1 M plus on You Tube.

KFCB now calls upon Alvin, given a fortnight to appear before the board otherwise, legal action will be taken.

The viral song released early in the year, took the board 4 months due to scrupulous and legal processes as stipulated in the Law.

The artist however now risks getting barred from being a member of the 3 Content Management Organizations (CMOs) in Kenya.

The media ethics Chief whip further urges artistes and media institutions to promote music that builds moral responsibility and not contrary to that.

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